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*theoretical project*

Jones Soda

Everyone knows Jones Soda, so I challenged myself with the task of re-designing the brand to appeal more to the modern consumer.


Jones 4 Cans Mockup transp.png


The rebrand should feel edgy, juicy, and bright and be reminiscent to the old bottles but with a modern twist. 

Color Pallet

Vibrant colors contrasting with black and white labels is signature to the Jones Soda brand.


 Keeping the same color combinations, users already know and love, I introduced organic shapes that felt a lot more natural and appetizing.
Jones 2b Cans Mockup.png
Jones 2a Cans Mockup.png

Design choices

One of the biggest changes I made was to the product itself. 

My demographic for this rebrand is millennials, younger adults, and anyone who may have been familiar with Jones Soda. In my research, I found that newer generations are way more health conscious than the generations before them. 

Because of that, I changed the soda into a sparkling seltzer and made the switch from glass bottles to aluminum cans to reduce waste in order to match the habits of consumers today.  And instead of having flavor names like bubble gum or fufu berry, we have pineapple, strawberry lime, pink berry, and crushed melon.

JONES dieline.png

Boxes and
Dye lines

This is the dyeline for the variety pack boxes. The seltzers would be sold either in these boxes as a pack of twelve, or individually.

I really wanted these boxes to match the cans and I achieved that in a few different ways; 


For starters, I used the main colors from each can throughout the box and included black elements like the black strip on the front and back of the box which also goes around the top of the cans.

I even allowed most of the colors and fruit illustrations to bleed onto multiple sides which helped the box feel as dynamic as the cans.


Jones vs competitors

Something I noticed about the seltzer aisle is that it is very vibrant and almost all of the boxes are bright solid colors. So I didn’t want to do that.

We know color is important to the Jones identity, but I saw an opportunity to use the black and white aspect of the brand to its advantage. Using a mostly white box would allow the Jones seltzers to pop against other seltzers on the shelves.



Jones Seltzer has a fresh new brand and product that appeals to the modern consumer.

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