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*theoretical project*

maruchen ramen noodle soup

This was a passion project/design challenge in which I gave myself 2 hours total to work out a rebrand. In that time, I designed the logo, noodle cups, big bowls, and merchandise. 

A mentor of mine told me to take time to design for fun every once in a while, not just for work. That's what this project is.

design choices

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 12.31.56 AM.png


Refresh the existing brand with colors and elements that are unique to the ramen noodle market but still appetizing to consumers.

Color Pallet

Other than a few grounding colors, I wanted each of the flavors to have it’s own color scheme.


I wanted the brand to have a warm, modern retro feel which impacted the decisions I made about fonts and colors. 
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 3.16.36 AM.png

Design choices

Here you can see an idea of how the color schemes work together.

Every label has the yellow noodles and white logo but all of the other elements fluctuate depending on the flavor.

The big bowls

These are bigger, better versions of the classic cup of instant noodles that we are used to. They are called the "big bowl" and for easy recognition, they use all of the same designs that the cups do.

Shrimp Box.jpg


This is an example of a t-shirt which would replace the ones that Maruchen already sells in places like the Target or Walmart graphic tee sections.


This rebrand is appetizing and stands out compared to packaging that already exists in the ramen noodle aisle.

Gravity Ramen 2.png
Floating Ramen 1.png
Gravity Ramen 2.png
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